Unlearning God: I am nothing from A on Vimeo.

I am God; I am nothing.
Cut me I won’t bleed. Gas me I won’t breathe.
Stab me, shoot me, slash me, smash me
I have swallowed science
I am God.
Alone. (the People of Sand and Slag) windupstories.com/books/pump-six-and-other-stories/people-of-sand-and-slag/
Music appropriated from New Order, Unlearning Hatred.
What is it that consumes all? When nothing is remembered or needed of the natural world, when we are both God and nothing at all. our reproduction is in growing limbs and our desire is to not live through our mortal context but to evolve and reform through consuming the solid matter around us. Developing a repetitive process of form and formlessness that flickers is exoskeleton through superficial glitches of light.

PDF Zine: I am god