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BYOB Stockton

Since 2010, Bring Your Own Beamer has allowed for a chain-mail of on-going one night stands of video/visual/film nights– from Berlin to Los Angeles, London to Glasgow and now in Stockton, Teesside. Hosted by Auxiliary (Run by Liam Slevin and Anna Byrne) Bring Your Own Beamer now situated in a house/semi-converted gallery/living space, featuring a host of local and international artists. –a mad medley of sound and visuals from at least 14 different artists were screened in every corner of the building. A huge line-up of Local artists presenting visuals that were together with artists from Berlin and Ireland.

The first work in the upstairs bedroom to catch my eye was by OMSK Social Club FKA PUNK IS DADA presenting ‘MEAT SPACE # MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE REVOLUTION’ a visual depiction of a ephemeral action, expressing the commodity shift of… “Cyperpunk 90’s dream utopias to the legitimacy of reality in cyberspace.” ( This work was just one of many in the former bedroom now screening room of Auxiliary including Miloš Trakilović ,M/Other, which had a visually gripping fluidity alongside the racketing poetry slam resonating from the speakers. Also in this space was Paul Stewart’s , I am god: I am nothing a depiction of magnetic putty eating itself, Thomas Cole Tyler’svertical flickering screen of Clouds: Embracing The New Aesthetic and KA Bird’sprojection, Girls Night in . This room was a mass of screens and projections that emphasised the vivid narratives that runs through each of the works and work that really deserves to be seen.

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Paradise Now Festival 26.03.2016

This Saturday, In Stoke make your way to the Old Fenton Library for the Paradise Now festival, a great series of bands and artists involved, will be screening all the  James Franco Series Luxury Education.

*****THE BAND STAND******

22.40 – 23.10 JUDY DENTURES
21.45 – 22.25 THE GURUS
21.00 – 21.30 PEDRO DON KEY
20.00 – 20.40 PYSENCE
19.15 – 19.45 EXIT PUPILS

14.30 – 15.30 OFFICIAL CULTURE


13.00 – 13.40 Martin, Rich & Ben’s Funtime Variety Hour” (Variety Hour is Only 40 Minutes) Tickets Here

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Saas FeeSummer Institute of Art

SFSIA Berlin
July 4-29, 2016
Art and the Politics of Individuation:
Affect and the Multiple Body in Cognitive Capitalism

Art and the Politics of Individuation, this year’s Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art, engages the far edge of contemporary artistic and theoretical discourse through the perspective of Cognitive Capitalism. The mutation of labor generated by the information age has led to new sites of production in the mind and brain. This course asks us to consider what may be the ramifications for art practitioners and theorists.

Faculty & visiting lecturers: Marie-Luise Angerer, Julieta Aranda, Archive Kabinett, Armen Avanessian, Elena Bajo, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Michael Birchall, Nicolas Bourriaud, Peter Brugger, Federica Bueti, Federico Campagna, Juli Carson, Jeremiah Day, Joshua Decter, Johannes Göransson, Catherine Hug, Yuk Hui, Anelis Kaiser, Sharon Kivland, Scott Lash, Isabell Lorey, Geert Lovink, Joyelle McSweeney, Matteo Pasquinelli, Ana Pinto, Susanne Prinz, Dorothee Richter, Nadim Samman, Tomas Saraceno, Aaron Schuster, Starship Magazine, Hito Steyerl, Tom Vandeputte, Marion von Osten, Bruce Wexler, Michaela Wünsch, Octavio Zaya, and more 
Application open now
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Transitional Knowledge Exchange

A tandem bike, it requires a minimum of two persons to form. It is a mobile site for reclaiming learning, it is a site to exchange, as a site to produce, as a site to explore. It will travel the UK only when accompanied by a second rider. Transitional Knowledge Exchange is a series of performances and video installations that occur to produce institutions of mobility. The Alternative Art College is in transition, the tarmac is our space to claim. Look to your roads as a space to resist.

Project #1 : Transitional Knowledge Exchange from A on Vimeo.

30th September – 1st October at Bank Street Arts

30th September – 1st October at Bank Street Arts

Transitional Knowledge Exchange

Over the two days the film of transitional knowledge exchange will be displayed: this is an anecdotal representation of how the alternative art college sees the transition of knowledge exchange away from the institution and into the tarmac between two locations. The video will depict two individuals sharing ideas and thoughts about the experience of learning and travel whilst reading excerpts from books specifically dedicated to travel and learning.

The film is accompanied by the following presentations:

30th September, 1pm-2pm

Presentation: how we want to transit with knowledge

This presentation will be part explanation, part pitch, part art performance. It aims to delve deeper into ways we can exchange and learn in art practice with tarmac or spaces that represent transition. Paul Stewart (Founder Alternative Art College) and Ross Cummings (Artist) will be in conversation with each other and the audience about shifts in arts learning and how arts practices are spaces to reclaim pedagogy. They will respond to the film being played and discuss the implications of exchanging knowledge without traveling.

1st October, 1pm-2pm

Reading: To Cry, To Scream : Art and Commitment.

Paul Stewart will do a small except of both a poem being published by Interkors Magazine (a sex-positive magazine, Denver) , called To Cry To Scream, which looks into how spaces of transition are ignored and through the acknowledgment of the space we are able to acknowledge both our privilege and our responsibility to others and our existence. The second reading will come from the book,Absurdity, created through the SIA at the European Graduate School, focusing on the absurdity of art practice and meaning in the Alps.

Both texts will be contextualised and questions will be led by Ross Cummings following the readings.

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Provoke Me

Creation of work as an instrument of change. Aesthetics is dead the ethical is priority.


Aesthetics is “a bird flying into a window.” 

It is the constant repetition and reproduction of the same act, never learning from the same mistake until replete. It speaks to the fact that there is a living thing on the other side of that glass wall. There is motion. There is a reason to produce work that implements. If we can open the window, the bird can fly in. Simple as that.


Aesthetics creates depoliticised design so how do we talk about thinking politically about how we respond to criticism and to praise. We talk about the process of production in terms of the precarious artist and looking towards a commitment of practice to disfigure the status quo, we produce our own negativity.

If someone is negative about what you are doing, do you stop doing it? 

Does that even matter? 

If the answers to these questions are “no,” move on. 


Rethink how collaboration is supposed to work. We usually think about collaboration as a process of compromise and negotiation. But it really means “You get 100% of what you want. I get 100% of what I want.”

No compromise, no middle ground.

Aesthetics imprison creativity.

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Who’s Neologism is it Anyway?

Having recently attended the Critical Pedagogies Symposium at the University of Edinburgh, the Alternative Art College has learnt a few new words and is prepared for its latest exploits. The two main topics of the day were radical alternatives to the marketisation of education and decolonising practices within education. During the day there was two longer lectures, the first from Heidi Safia Mirza entitled Decolonizing Pedagogies and the second by Joyce Canaan entitled Building alternatives to the neoliberal university. As well as this there was a roundtable discussion on the subject of Education, Intersectionality and Social Change. Participants included Heidi Safia Mirza, Arethea Phiri, Janine Bradbury, Michelle Keown and Mike Shaw. Apart from the main attractions there was one panel that caught this AAC member’s attention. The panel was entitled: Educate, Agitate, Organise.

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Paul Stewart and James Ellison Present at LCCT


Thank you to Joyce Canaan and everyone else involved in the Higher Education in Crisis Stream.

Are tutors the pimps of the edu-factory, allowing people to solicit radical knowledge as a vice? As the university lies in ruins how will the next generation learn to resist?

It is permanently located at documentation of events

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***Exclusive*** The Site Fringe group Presents :On the Edge. Voices from the Olympic Fringe.

***Exclusive*** The Site Fringe group Presents :On the Edge. Voices from the Olympic Fringe.

SHARE. Channel 4 bound and accessioned by the Museum of London. First On-line screener (Low Res)

Low res version for easier web based viewing.
Voices from the Olympic fringe

Our project on the local level is about creating a space to facilitate the communities current and ongoing campaign, we are not protesting against the Olympics we are supporting a community that has been disregarded in the shadow of the Olympic fringe.

for more info email: or visit