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Site/Fringe Presents. ‘On the Edge’

A group of six students from Goldsmiths College who are doing a project on the 2012 Olympic Games in collaboration with the Museum of London as part of our MA in Art and Politics. The focus of our project is to analyze how these games are affecting London communities, mainly those located close to the Olympic site. We want to know how the process of gentrification is affecting residents in their day-to-day life, as well as their impressions of the Olympic Games as a whole. We are also comparing the current situation with other similar past situations, such as the gentrification process that took place in the Docklands area in order to, hopefully, raise interesting questions about how things have changed since then, if they have at all.

Any questions email:

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Alternative Art College Partaking in Low Lives Occupy

The Alternative Art College would like to invite you to participate in its next upcoming event. It is part of the Low Lives Occupy performances in support of the occupation movement.
Defacing Milton Friedman: Capitalism and (Un) Freedom,

The event will hold the economic knowledge of Milton Friedman and the Chicago School hostage. It will be part of a direct action against the neo-liberal ideology, which is seen by many, to be the main cause of current global economic crisis. Directly influenced by Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky’s critiques, this undeviating approach will attack the pervasive and pernicious thought and writing of Milton Friedman. We see the global economic crisis as being induced by the policies influenced by these writings, and so feel the need to make public, our dislike for the Chicago school and all neo-liberal policy.


performance that will;

  •  Seize Friedman’s literature from London Libraries and hold it hostage. Preferably, we will détourn the books by doodling anti-capitalist slogans in them.
  • The space we will be occupying will be within Goldsmiths college, London. The 5 minute live stream will involve us recreating a hostage scenario with the books.
  • It will be spontaneous and evolve through interactions with the audience in the space.
If you can not attend the event it  will be Streamed Live to  so you can participate from your own living room. 


Date: 3rd March 2011
Time: 11pm to 3am
Place: 47 Lewisham Way, Goldsmiths College.
Venue subject to change
Low Lives is;


For further information, contact:
Jorge Rojas
Founding Director, Low Lives


February 17, 2012 (New York, NY) – Low Lives has partnered with Occupy with Art and The Hemispheric f Performance and Politics to present “Low Lives: Occupy! a unique one-night-only program of live performance art, happenings, and public actions, simulcast to presenting host venues around the world. Low Lives: Occupy! will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 6 -10 pm (EST). Low Lives: Occupy! partner Mark Read of the 99% Bat Signal / The Illuminator, will contribute a special projection and performance in conjunction with Low Lives: Occupy! in New York City.

Jorge Rojas, Founding Director of Low Lives, comments: “Over the past four years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to “plug in and participate” from anywhere an internet connection exists. This technological platform which brings a history of supporting artists’ full creative freedom to imagine new worlds, is ideally suited to be the support structure to enable artists, activists and Occupy groups from around the globe to present work in solidarity with #OWS. Low Lives: Occupy! recognizes the powerful opportunity that is the presentation of performances from around the world, within which artists are invited to facilitate the process of opening eyes and minds – and present a radical re-imagining of possible ways of existing and relating. The Occupy Wall Street protests have given us The People’s Mic and The People’s Stage. Thanks to a partnership with Occupy with Art and The Hemispheric Institute, Low Lives: Occupy! has the potential to become the The People’s Virtual Stage.”

The Low Lives: Occupy! program will include thirty-five performance artists, Occupy groups, and artist collectives located worldwide in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement for the 99%. Participants will expand the reach and visibility of the Occupy protests by broadcasting to an international audience community. Thirteen co-presenting organizations in eight countries including U.S., México, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Northern Ireland, France, and Argentina, will project Low Lives: Occupy! in their own venues and public spaces. The Occupy protests, and the myriad of perspectives and experiences related to this unique movement, will be amplified, explored, and experimented with,through Low Lives’ internet-based creative platform.

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The AAC entered in to a competition

ADM-HEA invites students on UK-based art, design or media higher education courses to enter this year’s competition, In the frame: reflections on art, design and media higher education. This year we are asking students to submit an image (visual / audio / film / etc) accompanied by a short statement that reflects their perceptions and experiences of higher education.

Submissions will not be formally assessed; all suitable work will be displayed in an online gallery on the ADM-HEA website. The winner and runner up will be selected via an online voting system.

The overall winning submission will receive £300 and be invited to the Higher Education Academy annual conference to be held at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on 5 and 6 July 2011. There will also be a runner up prize of £100.

The winner and runner up will be announced on Friday, 13 May 2011.