Creation of work as an instrument of change. Aesthetics is dead the ethical is priority.


Aesthetics is “a bird flying into a window.” 

It is the constant repetition and reproduction of the same act, never learning from the same mistake until replete. It speaks to the fact that there is a living thing on the other side of that glass wall. There is motion. There is a reason to produce work that implements. If we can open the window, the bird can fly in. Simple as that.


Aesthetics creates depoliticised design so how do we talk about thinking politically about how we respond to criticism and to praise. We talk about the process of production in terms of the precarious artist and looking towards a commitment of practice to disfigure the status quo, we produce our own negativity.

If someone is negative about what you are doing, do you stop doing it? 

Does that even matter? 

If the answers to these questions are “no,” move on. 


Rethink how collaboration is supposed to work. We usually think about collaboration as a process of compromise and negotiation. But it really means “You get 100% of what you want. I get 100% of what I want.”

No compromise, no middle ground.

Aesthetics imprison creativity.

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