Alternative Art College

The Alternative Art College is a pragmatic HE protest; experimenting the f*ck out of learning. free education!Untitled

The reason for the start up of the AAC is as a response to the current educational system.  to question aspects of learning aimed to produce consumers of knowledge rather than participators in a grander scheme. The aim is to get students to partake and allow themselves to become agents in a public political sphere.

The Alternative Art School Fair 2016 launches in Brooklyn at Pioneer Works this Fall/Winter.

It is a great opportunity to see as many Alternatives to Arts Education across the world with over 30 different sites represented. It is a privilege for the AAC to be alongside these sites and it really marks a contemporary issue that is still being addressed in terms of access, cost, accreditation, space, format and experience.

If you see the AAC at the fair do put forward suggestion for how we can work on developing different learning experiences anywhere and in any form, the school does not have a physical home, it is nomadic at takes a need or urgency for it to be reformed as a physical space.

Alternative Art School Fair can be found here:

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