Carpenters Estate

As part of a group of six artists Paul Stewart produced a collaborative project in response to the changing formation of the Olympic Fringe in 2012. The focus of our project is to analyze how these games are affecting London communities, mainly those located close to the Olympic site. We want to know how the process of gentrification is affecting residents in their day-to-day life, as well as their impressions of the Olympic Games as a whole. We are also comparing the current situation with other similar past situations, such as the gentrification process that took place in the Docklands area in order to, hopefully, raise interesting questions about how things have changed since then, if they have at all.

Four months left for the Olympic games to start. The mayor is excited, but what do the locals think about it?

“Site/Fringe” asked the “closer neighbours” – the residents of Hackney Wick as well as of the Carpenters Estate, social housing right next to the Olympic site. On the 24th of March we will show the results and connect you with the locals. A resident from the Carpenters Estate will guide you through the area. Afterwards a film that reflects the local people’s opinion will be projected on a building. More details on our website soon!

The Film is part of the Museum of London’s collection.

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