Transitional Knowledge Exchange

A tandem bike, it requires a minimum of two persons to form. It is a mobile site for reclaiming learning, it is a site to exchange, as a site to produce, as a site to explore. It will travel the UK only when accompanied by a second rider.

Alternative Art College: Transitions of texts from A on Vimeo.

Alternative Art College performance from A on Vimeo.

Transitonal 3 from A on Vimeo.


30th September – 1st October at Bank Street Arts

Transitional Knowledge Exchange

Over the two days the film of transitional knowledge exchange will be displayed: this is an anecdotal representation of how the alternative art college sees the transition of knowledge exchange away from the institution and into the tarmac between two locations. The video will depict two individuals sharing ideas and thoughts about the experience of learning and travel whilst reading excerpts from books specifically dedicated to travel and learning.

The film is accompanied by the following presentations:

 30th September, 1pm-2pm

Presentation: how we want to transit with knowledge

This presentation will be part explanation, part pitch, part art performance. It aims to delve deeper into ways we can exchange and learn in art practice with tarmac or spaces that represent transition. Paul Stewart (Founder Alternative Art College) and Ross Cummings (Artist) will be in conversation with each other and the audience about shifts in arts learning and how arts practices are spaces to reclaim pedagogy. They will respond to the film being played and discuss the implications of exchanging knowledge without traveling.

1st October, 1pm-2pm

Reading: To Cry, To Scream : Art and Commitment.

Paul Stewart artist will do a small except of both a poem being published by Interkors Magazine (a sex-positive magazine, Denver) , called To Cry To Scream, which looks into how spaces of transition are ignored and through the acknowledgment of the space we are able to acknowledge both our privilege and our responsibility to others and our existence. The second reading will come from the book,Absurdity, created through the SIA at the European Graduate School, focusing on the absurdity of art practice and meaning in the Alps.

Both texts will be contextualised and questions will be led by Ross Cummings following the readings.


 Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.35.44

 Paul Stewart during residency at Bank Street Arts 2015

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