2021,  Book: Art, capitalism and Pedagogy, Routledge.

2020, Book Chapter in: Knowledge Socialism (Ed, P, Jandric and M Peters published by: Springer) , Art in the age of digital knowledge co-written with Dawn Bothwell.

2020, Co-editor, Oncurating Issue 45, Curating the digital 

2018, Curatorial Statement and Editorial, Middlesbrough Art Weekender Catalogue.

2017, Curatorial Statement and Editorial, Middlesbrough Art Weekender Catalogue.

2016, Editor, OnCurating Reader for Omsk Social Club Feat PUNK IS DADA performance @ Migros Fur Gegenwarstkunst, ‘Scene Afterform: Bona-fide Sites and the Meta Community :)’. omsk_punk_is_dada_reader_web

2016. Co-editor, OnCurating Issue 31, Applied Estrangement.

2016, Book Chapter, Art and Activism: beyond the gallery walls, Sense Publishing

I am god

Situation Unit Manual (mima, Middlesbrough, 2015)

Transitional Knowledge Exchange (Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 2015)

To A Fatherless Son

Depart (Interkors Magazine Denver, 2015)

Absurdity (Saas-Fee Institute of Art, EGS, Switzerland)

Knowledge is Priceless Interview (Art Zip Magazine, London and Beijing, 2013)

Alternatives In Search […] Search for Alternatives (2014)

The Art work will develop a glossary of terms based on the words used to define each alternative learning site from there description.  Simply displaying the sites as they define themselves to allow the view to dissect and see what each site believes to represent. This will also give agency to each site to define themselves in their own terms without the issue of being normalised through academic contexts. It is a reclaiming of the language we use to define for the process of negation.



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