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Site/Fringe Presents. ‘On the Edge’

A group of six students from Goldsmiths College who are doing a project on the 2012 Olympic Games in collaboration with the Museum of London as part of our MA in Art and Politics. The focus of our project is to analyze how these games are affecting London communities, mainly those located close to the Olympic site. We want to know how the process of gentrification is affecting residents in their day-to-day life, as well as their impressions of the Olympic Games as a whole. We are also comparing the current situation with other similar past situations, such as the gentrification process that took place in the Docklands area in order to, hopefully, raise interesting questions about how things have changed since then, if they have at all.

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this is a project to show that non profit education facilities can develop an education with a decent intellectual capacity. lets question why fees need to be increased ? lets develop a form that can challenge this.

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