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BYOB Stockton

Since 2010, Bring Your Own Beamer has allowed for a chain-mail of on-going one night stands of video/visual/film nights– from Berlin to Los Angeles, London to Glasgow and now in Stockton, Teesside. Hosted by Auxiliary (Run by Liam Slevin and Anna Byrne) Bring Your Own Beamer now situated in a house/semi-converted gallery/living space, featuring a host of local and international artists. –a mad medley of sound and visuals from at least 14 different artists were screened in every corner of the building. A huge line-up of Local artists presenting visuals that were together with artists from Berlin and Ireland.

The first work in the upstairs bedroom to catch my eye was by OMSK Social Club FKA PUNK IS DADA presenting ‘MEAT SPACE # MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE REVOLUTION’ a visual depiction of a ephemeral action, expressing the commodity shift of… “Cyperpunk 90’s dream utopias to the legitimacy of reality in cyberspace.” ( This work was just one of many in the former bedroom now screening room of Auxiliary including Miloš Trakilović ,M/Other, which had a visually gripping fluidity alongside the racketing poetry slam resonating from the speakers. Also in this space was Paul Stewart’s , I am god: I am nothing a depiction of magnetic putty eating itself, Thomas Cole Tyler’svertical flickering screen of Clouds: Embracing The New Aesthetic and KA Bird’sprojection, Girls Night in . This room was a mass of screens and projections that emphasised the vivid narratives that runs through each of the works and work that really deserves to be seen.

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this is a project to show that non profit education facilities can develop an education with a decent intellectual capacity. lets question why fees need to be increased ? lets develop a form that can challenge this.

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