Situation Unit


This project focuses on producing a space that has the ability to reclaim learning as a strategic tactic to influence the commodity aspects of knowledge exchange.

It will instramentalise art practice to produce a site that focuses solely on the ability to exchange and unlearn preconceptions of social and political forms through artistic tools. The space will be a site to demonstrate labor as well as hold artistic interventions that reconfigure the financial hierarchy and issues with accelarationist policy in attempting to reclaim time to learn and to streak time.

The site will turned into a multi-functional installation creating spaces of use and no-use.
Renegotiating the territory of aesthetics and its relation to the ethical. A post-conceptual artist’s lead archive. Follow the commissions here

Artist commissions Include

John Reardon May 2015

Commissioned by mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art), the Alternative Art College and curator, Paul Stewart, Untitled (TWOC) puts the life (movement, mediation, networks, learning, etc) of the curator at the centre of the work and in the process of it’s making and un-making.


Part performance, event, object and installation, Untitled (TWOC) consists of 31 specially designed baseball caps (worn on consecutive days by the curator) and 31 wall pegs (installed in mima for caps to hang on). Each cap comes in its own individually dated boxes and once worn by the curator for a single day is deposited at the end of that day on one of the 31 wall pegs in mima (beginning with first peg, top left).

TWOC moves between performance, event, object and installation, between Middlesbrough and mima and between ‘outside’ and ‘inside’, taking on a growing visibility and materiality as it does so.

Each day of the month, the work ‘begins’ again with curator Paul Stewart, following his movements as it slowly, inevitably finds its way to mima.

TWOC begins Friday May 1st and ‘ends’ Sunday May 31st

Situation Unit: Choreograph Me

Harold Offeh Tuesday July 7th – Thursday July 9th

We are looking for people to come and work with artist Harold Offeh to shape a new work that explores movement and the dance traditions of different cultures.

Participants will be invited to develop a series of instructions for Harold that will come together to form a collectively choreographed work. By offering his body as a material to be experimented with and positioned Harold hopes to explore the question of how an artist can be used and made useful. The workshops will culminate in a public event where Harold will perform the movements developed throughout the week.

No experience is required. You can come to one or all of the workshops and the group are welcome to make the movements or simply instruct Harold. We hope that participants will join us for the public presentation which will be followed by an informal bring-a-dish dinner.


Hannah Kemp Welch July 2015


Situation Unit at mima: Unlearningby Hannah Kemp-Welch from A on Vimeo.

day2 from A on Vimeo.

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